CLARIN is looking for an inspiring person to chair the Board of Directors ( ) and steer CLARIN in consolidating its position in the dynamic landscape.


Register to the CLARIN Annual Conference 2021.


Read about the new financial support for the preparation of applications of Horizon Europe projects.


This month CLARIN highlights Dictionaries. The CLARIN infrastructure offers access to 97 Dictionaries.


Read about the officially recognised CLARIN Knowledge Centres CKCMC and K-Dutch


Read about the CLARIN Café ParlaMint Unleashed about the results of the CLARIN funded ParlaMint project.


The South African Node of CLARIN (SADILAR), is looking for a Technical Manager.


The tutorial Voices of the Parliament. A Corpus Approach to Parliamentary Discourse Research realised by Darja Fišer and Kristina Pahor de Maiti is now publicly available. 


Call for papers for the CPSS workshop at KONVENS 2021


The TRIPLE Consortium is pleased to invite you to attend the next training session 


Read the most recent CLARIN Newsflash: June 2021 here


A summary of the open call for interest for CLARIN2021


This interview is with Jack Rueter, who is involved with the SAFMORIL Knowledge Centre. He is a computational linguist whose work primarily focuses on finite-state descriptions of highly endangered languages with complex morphological systems.


This month CLARIN highlights Lexica. The CLARIN infrastructure offers access to 80 Lexica.


Lear more about the CLARIN & SSHOC Vocabulary Initiative


Read about the CLARIN Café on One Infrastructure for Many Languages devoted to CLARIN as a multilingual infrastructure


The deadline for submissions is extended to 30 June 2021


The SAFMORIL K-centre brings together linguists as well as researchers and developers in the area of computational morphology and its application during language processing.


Registration is open for the first UPSKILLS multiplier event, entitled: "Every time I hire a linguist… Emergent tech profiles for linguists, translators and language experts”.