J贸hannes G铆sli J贸nsson is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Iceland. He has used the CLARIN-IS corpora for his research into theoretical syntax.


In 2019, CLARIN Iceland was one of the organizers of a conference (鈥淓r 铆slenskan g贸冒ur bissness鈥) celebrating the launch of the Icelandic National Language Technology Programme.


The Database of Modern Icelandic Inflection (DMII) contains inflectional paradigms and has a vocabulary of 300,000 lemmas with approximately 6.5 million inflectional forms.


IceNLP is an open source toolkit for processing and analysing Icelandic text that is available through the CLARIN-IS repository.


Iceland first joined CLARIN as an observer in November 2018, but after a new law was passed by the Icelandic Parliament on European Research Infrastructure Consortia in 2019, it was able to apply for full membership, which was approved in February 2020