The French Knowledge Centre CORLI for Corpora, Languages and Interaction is a a certified CLARIN K-centre that functions as an interactive online platform which centralizes and provides cross-border access to knowledge through both proactive and reactive services.


This interview is with Jack Rueter, who is involved with the SAFMORIL Knowledge Centre. He is a computational linguist whose work primarily focuses on finite-state descriptions of highly endangered languages with complex morphological systems.


The SAFMORIL K-centre brings together linguists as well as researchers and developers in the area of computational morphology and its application during language processing.


The CLARIN B-centre ARCHE (A Resource Centre for the Humanities) is central to ACDH-CH鈥檚 mission of fostering the change towards the digital paradigm in the humanities.


One of the most prominent CLARIN-FR resources is the CoLaJE corpus, which pieces together the emergence and development of communication and language in young children, using an interdisciplinary and multimodal approach.


The COCOON platform of CLARIN-FR is aimed at individual researchers and research teams in the humanities and social sciences for the management of their digital oral resources. It combines the functionalities of a data repository, archive and discovery portal. 


France has been an observer of CLARIN since 2017. 


J贸hannes G铆sli J贸nsson is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Iceland. He has used the CLARIN-IS corpora for his research into theoretical syntax.


In 2019, CLARIN Iceland was one of the organizers of a conference (鈥淓r 铆slenskan g贸冒ur bissness鈥) celebrating the launch of the Icelandic National Language Technology Programme.


The Database of Modern Icelandic Inflection (DMII) contains inflectional paradigms and has a vocabulary of 300,000 lemmas with approximately 6.5 million inflectional forms.