Calls for interest for additional programme elements of CLARIN2021 are now open

Submitted by Elisa Gorgaini on 23 June 2021


Calls for interest in the following additional programme elements of the CLARIN Annual Conference are now open:


The CLARIN Bazaar is an informal space at the CLARIN Annual Conference where you can meet people from other centres and countries, find out about their work in progress, exchange ideas, and talk to people about future collaborations. Learn more and express your interest in participation 

CLARIN PhD Student Session

At the CLARIN Student Session PhD students can present their work in progress. The aim of the session is to enable students to share the next generation of research supported by or contributing to the CLARIN infrastructure and receive feedback on their work from CLARIN experts. Learn more and express your interest in participation

CLARIN Consultation Session

The CLARIN Consultation Session, which is open to all conference participants, is an informal opportunity for early career researchers to discuss their work with CLARIN experts one-on-one or in small groups. Learn more and express your interest in participation

Teaching CLARIN Award

This call aims to acknowledge and showcase the efforts made by teachers, lecturers and trainers throughout the CLARIN network to meet the education needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. CLARIN calls for submissions of recently developed training materials in any disciplines or topics relevant for CLARIN, provided one or more CLARIN resources were used in the course and referred to in the syllabus. In 2021 the CLARIN in the Classroom session will  showcase of all the proposals for the Teaching CLARIN Award. Lean more and express your interest in participation