What version of CMDI should I use?

What versions of are there and which should I use?

There currently are two supported versions of the CLARIN's component metadata framework: 1.1 and CMDI 1.2. The former has been in active use for many years and is widely supported within the CLARIN infrastructure. CMDI 1.2 was introduced in 2016 and provides a number of new features and improvements compared to its predecessor. However, its support throughout the infrastructure is still limited (at the time of writing this FAQ, July 2016).

Therefore in order to make a decision about which version of CMDI to use, it's advised to first determine which tools you need your metadata to be processed with. More details about CMDI 1.2, including current information with respect to its support throughout the infrastructure, can be found at the CMDI 1.2 page.