Language Resource Switchboard

‌ Go to the Switchboard The Language Resource Switchboard is a tool that helps you to find a matching language processing web application for your data. After uploading a file or entering a URL, you can select which task to perform. The Switchboard will then provide you with a list of available CLARIN tools to analyze the input.

There are also other ways of invoking the Switchboard:

  • Choose a file from the Virtual Language Observatory and have it analyzed
  • Upload a file to B2DROP and start the Switchboard from there

Other ways of using CLARIN tools

The Switchboard is not the only way to use CLARIN tools. If you want to process multiple files, large data sets, or if you are a developer and you want to call a CLARIN service via an API, there are other ways of using CLARIN tools and services. While we are preparing a more elaborate overview, you can find some examples below.

Webservice orchestration engines

  • Weblicht: an execution environment for automatic annotation of text corpora, built by CLARIN-D. Linguistic tools such as tokenizers, part of speech taggers, and parsers are encapsulated as web services, which can be combined by the user into custom processing chains. The resulting annotations can then be visualized in an appropriate way, such as in a table or tree format.

Individual web services

NLP services for Polish by Wrocław University of Technology The TaKIPI-WS web service provides functionality for text tagging, lematization, segmentation, morphologic analysis and tokenization. The requests are handled in an asynchronous manner. Furthermore a web service connection to the Polish WordNet.
NLP services for Romanian and other languages by RACAI Text Processing, Language Identification and Factored Translation
NLP Services for several languages by Leipzig University Broad range of services, e.g. provinding occurences, neighbours and synonyms of words
NLP Services by UPF Barcelona Statistical services, XSLT service, etc.
CLARIN-CAT-lab Catalan portal for CLARIN technology
CLARIN-ES-lab The Spanish virtual laboratory for CLARIN technology
PORTULAN CLARIN Workbench services sentence splitting, tokenization, syllabification, part-of-speech tagging, constituency parsing, dependency parsing, semantic role labeling, named-entity recognition, language metrics, proficiency analysis, sentiment analysis, machine translation
MAUS services automatic phonetic alignment, for various languages