ParlaMint Call for New Languages

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 26 October 2020

In the first phase of the ParlaMint project (July 1 2020 – Sept. 30 2020) parliamentary corpora were compiled for four countries – Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia. The corpora were encoded according to the ParlaMint XML schema, a specialisation of the Parla-CLARIN TEI format and linguistically annotated with the Universal Dependencies and named entities. They are available from the CLARIN.SI repository and through associated concordancer.

The sessions in the corpora were also marked up as belonging to the COVID-19 part of the corpus (Oct 2019 – July 2020) or to its reference subset (2015 – Oct 2019).

With this call we invite proposals to add parliamentary corpora for additional countries to the ParlaMint collection. 

The submission deadline is 16 November 2020

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