General Assembly

The General Assembly represents the members of CLARIN ERIC. It is the body of CLARIN with full decision-making power. Each member has one vote. Each entity representing a member has nominated one official representative. Additionally each member may bring an expert to the GA meetings.  The General Assembly meets at least once a year, and has the following functions:

  1. Appoint, suspend or dismiss the Executive Director;
  2. appoint the Scientific Advisory Board;
  3. decide on strategies for the construction and exploitation of CLARIN and any other issues deemed relevant by the Board of Directors or by a member or group of members who requests it;
  4. approve the work programme and annual budget of CLARIN ERIC;
  5. decide at least every five years on the principles for calculating the annual fee for each member;
  6. approve annual reports and accounts of CLARIN ERIC;
  7. approve each member’s contribution to CLARIN;
  8. approve accession of new members and observers;
  9. decide on termination of membership and observer status;
  10. decide on winding up of CLARIN ERIC.

Details about the role and functioning of the General Assembly can be found in the CLARIN ERIC Statutes

Image First Name Last Name Membership status Name
Ursula Brustmann Member Austria
Margarita Hristova Member Bulgaria
Staša Skenžić Member Croatia
Demetris Nicolaou Member Cyprus
Naďa Vaverová Member Czech Republic
Dorthe Duncker Member Denmark
Martin Eessalu Member Estonia
Vilma Lehtinen Member Finland
Klaus Schindel Member Germany
Stelios Piperidis Member Greece
Szilvia Kassai Member Hungary
Asgerdur Kjartansdóttir Member Iceland
Gilberto Corbellini Member Italy
Aleksandrs Mārtiņš Blūms Member Latvia
Rūta Petrauskaitė Member Lithuania
Alice Dijkstra Member Netherlands
Hege Høsøien Member Norway
Anna Głąbska Member Poland
Ministro da Educação e Ciência Marta Abrantes Member Portugal
Domov Ministrstvo za izobraževanje, znanost in šport Albin Kralj Member Slovenia
Vetenskapsraadet Svetoslava Baumann Member Sweden
Fabrice Boudjaaba Observer France
Sagren Moodley Observer South Africa
Arts and Humanities Research Council Paul Meller Observer United Kingdom