Funding Opportunities


As the COVID-19 dynamics are still preventing the CLARIN community from conducting face-to-face activities, we warmly invite proposals for the preparation of virtual events and other creative formats that can contribute to the continued outreach to communities of use. Please visit the Virtual Event Support page to check if you could benefit from the support offered by CLARIN. If the virtual event application form does not match the kind of activity you have in mind, do not hesitate to get in touch.

General Introduction to CLARIN Calls

CLARIN has developed a number of funding and support instruments in order to address strategic priorities that require cross-country collaboration, exchange of expertise, training or mobility. Open calls can be found below the relevant link. If new topics that could benefit from funded contributions from the community are identified, new calls for Expressions of Interest (EoI) may be launched. They will be announced in the CLARIN Newsflash and this section of the CLARIN website. (If you would like to suggest a topic for which an EoI could be initiated, please get in touch.)

Resource Families Project Funding

In the context of the CLARIN Resource Families initiative, CLARIN is welcoming Expressions of Interest for small projects that could help improve the curation process of the language resources and tools.

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Workshop Funding

CLARIN welcomes proposals for workshops that address topics in line with one or more of the strategic priorities of CLARIN.

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User Involvement Funding

CLARIN is committed to enabling training opportunities for researchers at all stages of their career and from a wide range of disciplines and welcomes proposals to fund master classes, tutorials, seminars and summer schools, as well as online training materials that focus on teaching how to use CLARIN's resources, tools or depositing services.

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Mobility Grants

Would you like to learn how to use a resource or tool developed at a CLARIN centre? Or would you like to learn how to integrate a resource or tool you have developed into the CLARIN infrastructure? Perhaps you would like to set up a teacher exchange and teacher training programme? Consider applying for a mobility grant.

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CLARIN Trainer Network Programme

We invite applications for participation in the CLARIN Trainer Network programme. The CLARIN Trainer Network is a group of experts who carry out training events at prominent summer schools, conferences, COST Actions, etc. in disciplines and communities relevant for CLARIN.

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CLARIN Training Suite

We welcome proposals for the CLARIN Training Suite, the aim of which is to build a collection of training materials that can be reused and adapted by lecturers in the CLARIN network in both formal and informal educational settings.

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Virtual Events Support

CLARIN has acquired extensive experience in the organisation of virtual events. Given the positive feedback received, CLARIN has decided to put its expertise to the service of its community. CLARIN can provide different kinds of support for virtual event organisers who are representatives of CLARIN members or observers countries, or affiliated with CLARIN centres.

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CLARIN Seed Grants

CLARIN offers financial support for the preparation of applications for Horizon Europe projects, specifically for Horizon Europe Pillar I projects (including ERC) and Horizon Europe Pillar II projects

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