My research involves aspects which have not yet been standardized. Can I still make use of CLARIN technology?

Very good question. A researcher will always face this issue. The research moves a field on, and in no-man's-land there are no standards (yet). The standards remain behind the research. Industry stays always on ferm ground, therefore on well establishd conventions. Although it appears that reseach has no means to make use of standards, it should base itself on well-established foundations, which should be expressed in standardized form whenever possible. Only for the head of the arrow, the really fresh things, just invented, the researcher should look for his own ad-hoc conventions. Applied to the linguistic data, this means that in an annotated corpus, for example, one will find a mixture of standard and invented markings. CLARIN can be used for that part of processing that involves using existing tools and resources, that have been converted to a standard format.