BETFAM 2021. Between Feminine and Masculine - Language(s) and Society


General Information  

Date: 9 and 10 December 2021

Times: Tba

Location: Hybrid event, Lisbon and online


The symposium 'Between Feminine and Masculine – Language(s) and Society', aims to provide scientific data for the reflection on the possibility of gender-inclusive language and the possible evolution towards gender-neutral language – an ongoing process in much of the Western world, albeit not without debates.
While the first symposium of the series, held in Paris in 2019, focused on Romance languages, this second edition proposes to include issues of language and gender in Germanic languages, which are genetically related to Romance, but typologically different. The main issue of the symposium remains the question of how research into language and gender can help find ways to use inclusive language: (a) What has been done in Romance and Germanic languages to be linguistically inclusive? (b) What has worked best? What are the pros and cons of various methods?

Preliminary Programme

More information soon.

Practical Information