Africa Forum at DH2020 (Virtual Event)


Time zone: UTC 

Africa Forum at DH2020

Africa forum is an event of the Network for Digital Humanities in Africa that is organised in the context of  DH2020.

  • Workshop date: 24 july 2020
  • Workshop time: 12:00 - 14:00 UTC

The event  is supported by CLARIN ERIC and is built up from three main elements:

  • Pre-conference engagement with the DH community through existing GO::DH and other relevant networks such as the the Network for Digital Humanities in Africa.
  • The forum session at DH2020 on 24 July (programme page)
  • Dissemination of forum results as part of an enhanced publication similar to what was generated by the participants of the 2019 DH Africa workshop


In order the join the Network for Digital Humanities in Africa and register for the forum session at DH2020 kindly complete the following link.

If you only want to register for the Africa forum at DH2020 and not join the network you can complete the following link.

About the Africa Forum

In recent years Africa has seen the emergence of associations such as DHAN and DHASA and collaborative projects promoting DH scholarship. Infrastructures and research centres have also been established such as the South African Centre for Digital Language Resources and the Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Lagos. 

Growth in African participation was further supported at DH2019 through the organisation of a pre-conference workshop, Digital Humanities: the perspective of Africa and targeted scholarships for African scholars (partly funded by CLARIN ), as well as a well-attended panel session (at DH2019). These brought together an interesting mix of African researchers and researchers working in Africa who are actively involved in DH projects (see the DH2019 special poster session and the various outcomes of the pre-conference workshop). On the same occasion, a Network for Digital Humanities in Africa was established. 

The Africa forum aims to build on this foundation as well as the work done by GO::DH and aims to further facilitate discussions around the theme of how we can promote global DH intersections, accessibility and participation not just for African DH scholars but any independent scholar. 

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