User Involvement Meeting


Meeting of people involved with CLARIN user engagement activities at national and European levels. In this meeting, we aim to:

  • inform each other of activities (with a short presentation from each country)
  • exchange ideas about engaging with researchers
  • plan some concrete joint events, activities and collaborations
  • coordinate our web presence
  • discuss the Knowledge Infrastrucure (KI) and the role of K-centres in user engagement activities
  • formulate success criteria & means of measuring impact
  • expansion of CLARIN into new countries and domains, and international links


Thursday 19 June 2014

9:30   Arrival
10:00  Involving users with CLARIN   Martin Wynne and Steven Krauwer
An introductory overview of the aims of the meeting: aims, scope, programme, key issues; and a brief view of how it fits into the general context of the work to build and operate the CLARIN infrastructure.
10:30  Presentations from national representatives I   Maciej Piasecki, Arjan van Hessen, Griet Depoorter
Five minutes for representatives from each country to present an overview of their user involvement activities, and brief discussion. Session 1: Poland, Netherlands, Dutch Language Union
11:00  break
11:30 Presentations from national representatives II   Lena Offersgaard, Andrius Utka, Bosko Bekavac, Krister Linden
Further national overviews: Denmark, Lithuania, Croatia and Finland
12:00  Discipline-specific working groups: experiences from CLARIN-D    Thorsten Trippel
A more in-depth look at how CLARIN-D is engaging with communities in different disciplines. What works and what doesn't? What can other countries learn from this? Is it a reusable model?
12:30 lunch
13:30 Sharing know-how and learning lessons
A discussion focussing on key questions identified in the morning session, and identifying some ways in which sharing experiences and know-how can lead to some practical next steps.
14:00 User Involvement in the Present: what services can we promote now?    Dieter van Uytvanck
Which CLARIN services have reached a sufficient level of maturity to be promoted with confidence to users in the humanities and social sciences? How can we promote them: links online, portals, video tutorials, workshops, summer schools, etc.? What are the important gaps in our offerings for SSH users?
14:30 Planning for the Future: Knowledge Sharing Infrastructure    Bente Maegaard and Steven Krauwer
The establishment of K-centres and the construction of a Knowledge Infrastructure (KI) will be the key mechanism for building user involvement activities into the heart of the CLARIN infrastructure.
15:00 break
15:30 Measuring, recording and capturing research activity   Bente Maegaard
It is vital for the success and for the survival of CLARIN that we are responding to the needs of real users in the social sciences and humanities, and that they are using our infrastructure in research. How can we count, record and evaluate our success in these areas?
16:00  How to make a CLARIN video   Arjan van Hessen
CLARIN-NL has made and published a number of excellent videos demonstrating the use of CLARIN services in research projects. This session will provide a number of practical tips on how to do this successfully.
16:30  Web presence for user involvement: audiences, visibility and branding   Martin Wynne
A short session with a quick tour of the various ways in which different groups of users are catered for on the various CLARIN websites, and a discussion of branding.
17:00 Summary
Discussion on the key issues identified during the day, and discussion of the agenda for Friday
18:00 end

Friday 20 June

09:30  Websites: user-facing pages on the national websites and the CLARIN portal   Martin Wynne
Presentation of the portal and discussion of ways to develop and share content across the sites
10:30  break
11:00  The way forward
A provisional summary of the outcomes of the meeting will be presented for discussion. Opportunities for practical collaboration (such as webpages, workshops, conferences, projects, etc.) will be identified and prioritized.
12:30  lunch
13:30  Practical planning in breakout groups
Groups will be formed to plan specific practical activities: e.g.: tutorial materials, measuring impact, representing national activities in the CLARIN Portal, working with specific disciplines, workshops and conferences.
14:30   Report back from groups and summary
Share and summarize the outputs of the group discussions; final thoughts.
15:00 end


University of Utrecht
Kromme Nieuwegracht 80

Participants of the User Involvement Meeting in Utrecht