Final DASISH conference, Gothenburg 27-28 November


The aim of the three-year (Digital Services Infrastructure for Social Sciences and Humanities) project has been to provide solutions to a number of common issues relevant for the five projects in social sciences and humanities - CESSDA, CLARIN, DARIAH, ESS and SHARE. 

DASISH has identified four major areas of activity namely data quality, data archiving, data access and legal and ethics aspects. The outcome forms the basis for educational activities and for outreach to the communities that are to benefit from the work.

Through DASISH the participating infrastructures have not only designed new solutions for specific problems and a consolidation of their infrastructure building, but have worked out solutions facilitating interdisciplinary cross-walks of their researchers. This will be of mutual benefit for the five infrastructures and the communities they serve.

This conference will present the results and solutions of the DASISH project. Please find the programme and practical information on 


School of Business, Gothenborg