Digital Humanities & Language Resources


Digital Humanities & Language Resources

Joint Culture & Technology and CLARIN-D European Summer School 2014 

The Summer School will bring together (doctoral) students, young scholars and academics from the Arts and Humanities, Library Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering and Computer Sciences as equal partners to an interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experience in a multilingual and multicultural context and thus create the conditions for future project-based cooperations and network-building across the borders of disciplines, countries and cultures.

The Summer School aims to provide a stimulating environment for discussing, learning and advancing knowledge and skills in the methods and technologies which play a central role in Humanities Computing and determine more and more the work done in the Arts and Humanities, in libraries, archives, and museums, in the Language Industries, and similar fields. The Summer School seeks to integrate these activities into the broader context of the /Digital Humanities/, where questions about the consequences and implications of the application of computational methods and tools to cultural artefacts of all kinds are asked. It further aims to provide insights into the complexity of humanistic data and the challenges the Humanities present for computer science and engineering and their further development.

For all relevant information please consult the European Summer School in Digital Humanities Culture & Technology wep portal at  which will be continually updated and integrated with more information as soon as it becomes available.


Universität Leipzig
Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum (GWZ)
Beethovenstrasse 15
04107 Leipzig

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