CASK Sorbonne 2008 Conference in Paris



Computer-aided Acquisition of Semantic Knowledge - CASK

CASK Sorbonne 2008 "Language Data Mining"

June, 13-14 2008

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The aim of the conference is to bring up to date the positions and to exchange views between the specialists of linguistic science (both theorists and practitioners) and the latest achievements of information technology (IT) mainly on the newest topics of lexical and grammatical semantics and terminology.

Many problems with dictionaries and grammars arise from the fact that there is no common terminology and, in the worst-case scenario, from that there is no good theory of meaning neither in linguistics nor in IT.

The CASK project is a new attempt to provide the best research standards of IT for the linguistic science, on the one hand, and to make as familiar as possible the language phenomena to those who took charge of the construction of new IT systems, on the other hand.

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