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Component Metadata: CMDI version 1.2

CE-2014-0318 CMDI 1.2 changes - executive summary 2014-04-07
CE-2014-0317 Federated Content Search – Data Views 2014-04-07
CE-2014-0316 Federated Content Search – Core Specification 2014-04-07
CE-2012-0037 Revised centre types + requirements 2012-12-14
CE-2013-0095 B centre checklist 2014-03-03
CLARIND-AP3-001 Center registry specification 2012-01-16
CLARIND-AP3-005 Monitoring Requirements 2012-01-11
CLARIND-AP3-007 Document about granularity and modelling issues with CMDI 2012-02-15
CLARIN-2008-2 Persistent and unique Identifiers 2009-02-04
CLARIN-2008-3 CLARIN Centres 2009-02-04
CLARIN-2008-4 Language Resource and Technology Federation 2009-02-04
CLARIN-2008-5 Metadata Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology 2009-02-04
CLARIN-2009-1 Requirement Specification Web Services and Workflow systems 2009-08-18


Web services and workflow creation