Call for Submissions "Teaching with CLARIN Call"


Training and Education is an important aspect of the CLARIN strategy. To stimulate the uptake of CLARIN resources, tools and services into the curricula of the SSH-related disciplines, a central platform is developed to create a sustainable network of CLARIN trainers, publish training materials in open access, and share best practices in teaching. Two funding instruments are already in place: the CLARIN Training Network and the Training Suite.

With many courses having moved online, the richness and robustness of the CLARIN's distributed virtual infrastructure have been a lifeline for many lecturers, researchers and students. At the same time new ideas and use cases for CLARIN's resources, services have probably been identified and they deserve to be shared. This special call does not replace the latter but aims to acknowledge and showcase the efforts made by teachers, lecturers and trainers throughout the CLARIN network to meet the current education needs. 

We, therefore, call for submissions of recently developed training materials in any disciplines or topics relevant for CLARIN, provided you have used one or more CLARIN resources in the course and refer to it in the syllabus (e.g. tools, corpora, lexica and electronic dictionaries, services, etc. made available by a CLARIN centre or repository, or are part of the central service offer). The training materials can be specifically developed for higher education purposes (courses of all levels, intensive courses, including summer schools) but may also be conceived for informal settings (self-taught courses). 

All the relevant submissions will be showcased on the CLARIN website, for the purpose of sharing best practices and examples suitable for reuse. In addition, three submissions will be selected for the Teaching CLARIN award and will receive the sum of 350 euros each.  The award ceremony will be hosted during the CLARIN Annual Conference.

Eligible Topics

We particularly welcome submissions on topics that aim at enhancing the learners’ skills in research methods, and data acquisition and management. Also, courses that provide an introduction to CLARIN at a beginner’s level are eligible for this call.

Research skills

  • Research methods
  • Analytical thinking
  • Project management
  • Research data management
  • Legal and ethical issues

Data Acquisition skills

  • Programming
  • Text annotation
  • Text/speech processing
  • Text analytics
  • Data visualization

Data Handling  

  • Data repositories
  • Data formats and standards
  • Controlled Vocabularies and Knowledge Representation
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Speech analysis

Eligibility and Application procedure

This is a one-time call. Before applying, please take into account the following eligibility criteria: 

  • The call is open to individual proposers as well as teams of proposers irrespective of their institutional context.
  • The training material to be submitted should be in such a form that it can be easily accessed by others. 
  • Materials originally developed in languages other than English must be accompanied by a summary in English. 
  • Please make sure that you are the copyright holder of the shared material. Any other copyrighted material should be publicly available under a Creative Commons license.

To apply:

  • Fill in this online application form
  • Prepare your ZIP file containing the training materials, including a README file with a summary and instructions in English.
  • If your course is already online, submit the README with a short description and the link to the training materials. 
  • Please send the application form together with your training materials to Specify the following text in the subject of your email: Teaching with CLARIN Call.
  • Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2022. 


A committee of 5 evaluators, composed of representatives from the CLARIN Training Task force, the Board of Directors and the User Involvement committee, will evaluate the submissions according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance for CLARIN (showcase of CLARIN resources and tools).
  • The overall quality of the training content.
  • Degree of reusability (the resource is accessible, well described, modular in structure, easy to integrate).

All training materials submitted to this call that comply with the basic requirements will be showcased in the "Training and Education in SSH" section of the new CLARIN website. 

The three highest-ranked contributions will be granted the Teaching with CLARIN Award and will receive the sum of 350 euros each. The three winners will also be invited to give a short presentation of their training material and teaching experience during a dedicated session at the CLARIN Annual Conference. Additionally, an interview with the winners will be published on the CLARIN YouTube channel.

Terms and Conditions