NEW Video Recordings of the Workshop Twin Talks 3: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration

Submitted by Linda Stokman on 5 August 2020

Humanities Scholars & Digital Experts presented their achievements and shared their collaboration experiences during the Virtual Workshop Twin Talks 3: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration. The video recordings of the talks are now published on the CLARIN YouTube channnel. You can also watch them by clicking on the links of the talks  further down the page.

About the Twin Talks workshop 

The Workshop Twin Talks 3: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration (held on 23 July  2020 during the virtual DH2020 conference) is part of the Twin Talks workshop series. The main objective of the workshop series is to get a better understanding of the dynamics on the Digital Humanities work floor where humanities scholars and digital experts meet and work in tandem to solve humanities research questions.

The Twin Talks at this workshop were submitted and presented by, a humanities researcher and a digital expert. The Twin Talks briefly described (i) the research problem addressed, (ii) its solution, including the technical aspects, (iii) a report on the collaboration experience itself, including obstacles encountered and (iv) recommendations how better training and education could help to make collaboration more efficient and effective. 

The Teach Talks were submitted  by people with experiences or interesting ideas about how cross-discipline collaboration is or can be addressed in curricula or other training activities. The Teach Talks briefly described (i) the collaboration settings on which they are based, (ii) the approach adopted, and (iii) recommendations.

The workshop provided both parties the opportunity to present their achievements and share their collaboration experiences with the audience.  


Opening session 

Opening  |  Steven Krauwer and Darja Fišer

Talk 1

Deep learning for paleographic analysis of medieval Hebrew manuscripts  |  Irina Rabaev and Daria Vasyutinsky Shapira

Talk 2 

Bridging the gap between culture studies and computational linguistics  |  Inge van de Ven and Menno van Zaanen

Talk 3 

The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts Analyzing Aristotle Commentaries in Collaboration between Philology and Data Science  |  Michael Krewet and Danah Tonne

Talk 4

Towards improving OCR accuracy with Bulgarian Language Resources  |  Kiril Simov

Talk 5

Bringing Together the Digital with Research, Teaching, and Conservation  |  Michael Haley Goldman 

Talk 6

No room for hate: What research about hate speech taught us about collaboration?  |  Ajda Šulc and Kristina Pahor de Maiti

Closing session

Take-home messages and closing  |  Steven Krauwer and Darja Fišer