Using the CLARIN Infrastructure

CLARIN offers central services that can be directly accessed via this website. These include services to search for and in resources (data and tools) offered via CLARIN, create collections, or apply online web-services and applications. You can find a good overview on the pages for individual services (see the service page) and in the general section of the frequently asked questions.

If you are planning or carrying out a research project that involves digital language data and tools, you can get in contact with one of the CLARIN Centres to get advice and possibly plan a collaboration. This holds in particular if you plan to deposit the data or tools resulting from your project in a CLARIN Centre. Many CLARIN centres are a good partner for Data Management Plans (DMPs) and other aspects of research projects.

For general questions on digital language data and tools, you can consult CLARIN directly by emailing If the Central Office cannot answer your question right away, we will forward it to one or several CLARIN centres, which may be able to provide the required information. You can also get in direct contact with a CLARIN Knowledge Centre if your question concerns one of their areas of expertise.

There are several showcases that demonstrate how people have successfully made use of components of the CLARIN infrastructure. See also the Lingua - special issue on CLARIN (open access), with seven articles that present original research conducted by using one or more of the services that CLARIN offers. Lingua, Volume 178, pages 1-126 (July 2016).

Finally, please read this Blog entry for more information on how to use the CLARIN infrastructure.