Factsheet: (CLARIN in) ENRIITC

The ENRIITC Project in a Nutshell 

Full project name (with link to project page)
European Network of Research Infrastructures & Industry for Collaboration; https://enriitc.eu/ 

36 months, January 2020 – December 2022

Project coordinator (main applicant)
European Spallation Source ERIC (Lund Sweden)

11 beneficiaries from Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

Summary of main topic and goals
ENRIITC aims to build a permanent pan-European network of Industrial Liaison and Contact Officers (ILOs/ICOs) in order to stimulate the partnerships between research infrastructures and industry. The project will

  1. establish a sustainable European network of ILOs and ICOs which enables mutual learning
  2. map collaboration potential between research infrastructures and industry 
  3. develop and refine strategies and best practices to foster these collaborations
  4. raise awareness among industry for collaboration opportunities at research infrastructures, and demonstrate impact. 

CLARIN in the Project

CLARIN's role in the workplan:
CLARIN will represent the SSH cluster in ENRIITC and will act as a hub for the research infrastructures from the SSH domain. CLARIN will investigate how to liaise with the data science industry (including SMEs) and the heritage sector. Furthermore, CLARIN will contribute to increasing the understanding of whether and how commercial services can be integrated in open platforms in which the social sciences and humanities (SSH) research community has an interest.

Person months for CLARIN
7,5 person months from a total of 106

CLARIN's coordinator for this project
Franciska de Jong


Administrative Details

Topic-ID INFRAINNOV-02-2019
Call-ID H2020-INFRAINNOV-2019-2020
Type of action CSA
Grant Agreement number 871112
Internal pages for ENRIITC with WPs, deliverables, distribution of PMs, Events, etc. (link to follow)