Factsheet: (CLARIN in) ELE

The ELE Project in a Nutshell 

Full project name
European Language Equality for Collaboration 

18 months, January 2021 to June 2022 

Project coordinator (main applicant)
ADAPT Centre (Dublin City University)

53 partners covering all European countries and all major initiatives in the domain of language technology.

Summary of main topic and goals
The primary goal of the ELE project is to develop a Strategic Research, Innovation and Implementation Agenda (SRIA) and a Roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030 

CLARIN in the Project

CLARIN's role in the workplan:
In the context of WP2 "European Language Equality – The Future Situation in 2030", CLARIN will be in charge of leading the preparation of the D2.3. Report on the needs and visions of CLARIN members for digital language equality in 2030.

Person months for CLARIN
5 person months from a total of 284

CLARIN's coordinator for this project
Maria Eskevich

Administrative Details

Topic-ID LANGEQ-2020
Type of action PPPA-AG
Grant Agreement number LC-01641480-10101866
Internal pages for ELE with WPs, deliverables, distribution of PMs, Events, etc.