CLARIN in EU projects

Since 2015, CLARIN ERIC has been participating as partner in European projects funded by the European Commission and addressing topics related to research infrastructures, mostly in the Horizon 2020 programme. 

The table below gives a general overview of current EC projects with CLARIN participation. The active links in the table are pointers to more detailed project descriptions, including an indication of the participating CLARIN nodes that have been invited to join the consortium to contribute to one or more specific tasks.

Information about past EU projects in which CLARIN participated is available here

Acronym Topic (with link to factsheet) Leading Partner Duration # PMs for CLARIN overall (CLARIN central)
ELE European Language Equality for Collaboration ADAPT Centre 2021-01-2022-06 5


European Network of Research Infrastructures & Industry for Collaboration ESS 2020-01–2022-12 7,5
EOSC Future EOSC-FUTURE aims to combine various initiatives and projects in the field of EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) development.     2021-04–2023-09 30
ERIC Forum ERIC Forum Implementation Project BBMRI 2019-01–2023-12 3,5


Develop Europeana as a Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI-4)

Europeana Foundation




Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud CESSDA 2019-01–2022-04 242,5 (119)


Transforming Research through Innovative Practices for Linked interdisciplinary Exploration CNRS 2019-10–2023-04 18
UPSKILLS UPgrading the SKIlls of Linguistics and Language Students  Universita ta Malta  2020-09 - 2023-08 36