Katarzyna Klessa and Anita Lorenc are experimental phoneticians who have prepared a Polish corpus of disordered speech, which has been released in a GDPR-compliant manner in collaboration with the K-ACE Knowledge Centre. 


Read the blog post about the K-Centre for Atypical Communication Expertise (ACE ) and its mission is to support researchers engaged in investigating what can be characterised as atypical communication.


In the last Tour de CLARIN blog post from The Netherlands we look at the SoNaR reference corpus of Dutch.


Meet Melvin Wevers, a Digital Humanities researcher focusing on the study of cultural-historical phenomena with the use of computational means.


Find out more about the CLARIAH-NL series of workshops on Linked Data, which is a technological initiative that aims to ensure a greater degree of dynamic interoperability between language resources provided by the infrastructure.


Find out more about the MIMORE, a search engine for the investigation of morphosyntactic variation in Dutch dialects


Find out more about the CLARIAH-NL, a project in the Netherlands that is setting up a distributed research infrastructure that provides humanities researchers with access to large collections of digital data and user-friendly processing tools.