Read about the CLARIN Café ParlaMint Unleashed about the results of the CLARIN funded ParlaMint project.


Read about the CLARIN Café on One Infrastructure for Many Languages devoted to CLARIN as a multilingual infrastructure


Read the blog post about the CLARIN café on the rights of data subjects in language resources (recordings are included)


Read all about the third CLARIN CafĂ© for researchers in Literary Studies, that was hosted by CLARIN Ambassador Maciej Maryl (Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences ).


Read all about the second CLARIN CafĂ© that was hosted by CLARIN Ambassador Dr. Francesca Frontini (UniversitĂ© Paul-ValĂ©ry Montpellier III)


This CLARIN Café aimed to be an informal get-together for researchers to exchange Corona-related research ideas and results.