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A pre-conference workshop at the Corpus Linguistics 2017 conference & parallel corpora overview

A pre-conference workshop at the Corpus Linguistics 2017 conference took place on 24 July 2017 at the University of Birmingham and provided a showcase for the CLARIN-UK consortium members to present their work in promoting the use of language corpora and corpus linguistics methods in many different academic disciplines. The programme included a series of presentations from the CLARIN-UK Centres about the areas in which they have experience of working in collaboration with disciplines outside of linguistics, and in which they have promoted the use of digital language resources and tools to facilitate new and innovative forms of research. There were also presentations about the Europe-wide activities of CLARIN and from another CLARIN country, the Netherlands. Visit the workshop page for more information about its background and participants. The programme can be found here with the links to slide presentations, including the following from the CLARIN community:

One of the workshop's results was an overview of existing parallel corpora prepared by examining the VLO, local repositories, the Metashare catalogue, the LRE map and Google. The overview can be viewed here. We would really appreciate it if you could add any resources and information that we have missed and correct any mistakes we have made. Comments and suggestions by email are welcome. We are collecting feedback by 1 September 2017 after which we will publish the overview.